Frequently Asked Questions


We have an open door policy. Come in anytime and speak to one of our trainers.

Why do you only do electrical training? Why not gas or any of the others?

We want to give our students the best experience they possibly can get, we found the best way to do this is to specialise in Electrical training only, making us experts in our field.

Will my qualification be recognised world wide?

We are a City & Guilds approved Centre which is the preferred route into the Industry, they are also recognised in more than 80 countries world wide.

Will your course give me the recognition I need to get a job?

Our course is the official recognised route to get into the Electrical Industry.

What are the training centres like?

We have fully equipped modern state of the art Training Centre’s.

How many others will be in my class?

We have small class sizes of 8/12 students, so you are virtually getting one on one training.

What happens if I fail my exam?

You have a free resit if you do fail an assessment and extra training is free if required to make sure you understand all aspects of training.

What happens once I qualify and need more advice on the job?

Support is always available from our expert trainers even after you have completed your training. Once you have gained employment or are Self Employed and are out on a job, if there is something you have come across that you are not familiar with you can always give our trainers a call. They will talk you through the work to make sure you can complete it confidently.

I will be driving to my class, is their parking and what are the costs?

At the Elec Building we have our own free Carpark.

At the Faraday Campus there are free parking spaces at the front and side of the building.

We are based in Wolverhampton City Centre so there are no congestion charge’s.

During class do we have breaks and where do we go for food?

Breaks are well spaced during the day to help students keep focused and optimum leaning to be achieved. As we are in the City Centre, shops, cafes, Supermarkets, restaurants are nearby for lunch.

How can I trust you as a Training Centre?

We have been endorsed by both the Lord Mayor of Wolverhampton and The Lord Mayor of Birmingham. If they have endorsed us, it’s a sure bet that we are a trusted training centre. We are also a fully accredited City & Guilds approved Training centre. Our C&G’s Centre number is: 012036.

What if I struggle during the training?

Our Faraday Campus is a large open plan room all on one floor. This allows for easier, convenient learning. If you do not understand the theory work, we can just show you practically to make sure you do understand all aspects of theory learning. This ensures you always stay confident through every step of the training.

I am a corporate/SME client looking to get training for my staff, what services do you offer?
  • We offer discounted rates for corporate/SME clients who require group bookings.
  • We can offer tailored courses for that are more relevant in your departments line of work. Rather than an ‘off the self course’.
  • We are flexible and run courses at a date that is more suited to your needs, a minimum of 8 operatives is required.
  • Free refreshments and lunch available with a minimum of 8 operatives.
  • We have corporate clients who use us regularly such as MOOG Aircraft, GSK and Ameys Highways.
Additional costs?

Our list prices include VAT and any exam costs where applicable including one free resit, this also includes all course books and material.

Can I come along and have a look at your training facilities?

Of course! We are always very happy to give tours of our facilities. Please just phone ahead to arrange a suitable day/time to come in.

Do I have to do all my training consecutively or can the course be split?

We recommend splitting up the course so you can absorb what you have learnt, however if you want to do the course consultatively you can.

Do I need any previous experience?

Our most popular course is designed for beginners however we do have some courses that require experience.

Do I need to bring my own tools?

No, we provide all the necessary tools and materials to undertake your training.

How do I pay for my training course?

We are able to accept credit/debit cards and bank transfers via BACS and CHAPS; there are also funding options available.

How is the VAT Calculated on your courses?

VAT is only applicable to course fees. Awarding body fees, such as C&G fees, are VAT exempt. A breakdown can be provided on your invoice or payment receipt on request.

How long does it take to get my certificates?

We generally advise 6-8 Weeks although most certificates will arrive quicker than this. The reason for this is that often exams and assessments have to be quality checked and verified. We also are reliant on organisations such as C&G processing and sending the certificates to us.

What are the course start and finish times?

Monday to Friday Start 9.00 A.M. Finish 4.00 P.M. However this can vary.

What is the usual pass rate for attending students?

We have some of the highest pass rates in the UK there are on average 90% + and on some courses such as 18th edition where pass rates are 95%+.

When do I have to pay?

To secure your place immediately, a deposit can be paid, and the balance will then be payable 14 days after the deposit.

Will doing this course help me get a job?

Our Course Structure allows you to work as an Electricians mate after completion of your Level 2 Diploma, making the course more affordable for you. As you will be earning you can save up and come back to progress onto your Level 3 Diploma. Our recruitment department will aid fining you a work placement.

What books do I need to buy?

All books are included in the course fee. You do not have to pay extra for those. All you need to bring are safety boots and we’ll provide the rest.

I don’t drive, how would I get to my class?

The Faraday Campus is a 5 minutes’ walk from the train/bus/tram station.

The Elec Centre is a 8 minutes walk from the train/bus/tram station.

Do you run any other courses apart from electricial?

No we believe providing courses in one field allows us a better understanding of students, which in turn allows us to become expert trainers in the field.

Do you run any other courses apart from electricial?

No we believe providing courses in one field allows us a better understanding of students, which in turn allows us to become expert trainers in the field.

Can I park at the training Centre?

Yes, we have plenty of free onsite parking spaces at most centres.

What books are needed and how do I order them?

All books will be provided by us, so their is no need to worry if you have the correct books when starting the course.

What do I do for lunch and snacks?

Our centres are conveniently located near city centres, meaning restaurants, super markets and cafes are within walking distance.

When will I get my exam results?

For all online exams, you will find out your results straight away. For written papers and other assessments, it can take a few weeks.

Will I receive a qualification?

Yes, all of our City & Guilds courses will lead to a qualification.

Will my qualifications be recognised?

Yes, C&G courses are industry-recognised qualifications.

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