Why Us?

Choose excellence in electrician training. Our programs in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry, & various other locations across the UK offer top-notch electrical installation courses and apprenticeship programs. Elevate your skills with us.

Why Us?

  • We specialise solely in electrical training.  
  • Our focus allows us to provide comprehensive electrical training qualifications across the UK.  
  • Wide range of courses designed to educate and certify within the industry.
  • Our training helps provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel.
NVQ Level 3 Electrical Installation/Maintenance - C&G 2357
Level 3 Diploma - C&G 2365-03

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality, hands-on electrical training that equips students with the expertise and confidence to meet industry demands. We are committed to fostering a culture of safety, innovation, and sustainability within the electrical industry, ensuring a brighter and more electrifying future for all.

Sparky Steve
Sparky Steve Training Manager
I have been a trainer and assessor for over 13 years, as well as an IQA for 10. I have also been an Electrician for just as many years. Having worked for others as well as running my own business with my wife (Donna), I changed careers from Security Management to Electrics years ago, just like many of you will be looking to do now. Therefore, I understand the challenges and concerns. I teach from experience and aim to bring out the best in everyone. I am married to Donna, the “Cake Boss,” and the Administration Manager. I am a happy-go-lucky, nerdy, rock-loving, travel-hungry individual who loves to help people.
Donna Burke
Donna Burke Head of Administration
I have been in administration for over 20 years, apart from a break to run my own Cake Shop and also to work as an electrician’s mate. Therefore, I can handle your admin, bake you a cake, and change your double socket all at the same time! I am married to Sparky Steve, also known as the Head of the Electrical Department. I am fun-loving, easygoing, love travelling, and enjoy feeding people cake!
Ahshan Miahjee
Ahshan Miahjee Operations Director
I have worked in the construction training industry for over 15 years, I came to realise that drastic improvements were required. I do not want to be a training centre where we do the bare minimum just to get people through; rather, we want to equip our learners as best as we can, simulating, where possible, real-life situations so they are best prepared when going out into the big world. My aim is to genuinely look after all of our students who walk through the door, to support them all the way through, even after they are qualified. Once you become part of the Elec family, we will always be here with you


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