C&G 2391-52 Inspection and Testing Course

This C&G 2391-52 course is aimed at practicing electricians who wish to gain qualifications in periodic inspection and testing as well as initial verification of new systems. For some time now the industry has been crying out for a simpler more effective qualification to cover inspection and testing. This course helps you sharpen your skills with our electrician testing course in Wolverhampton and helps you gain expertise in electrical inspection, practical assessments, and exam practice tests for a successful electrician career. Finally it is here!

Level 3 Diploma - C&G 2365-03

C&G 2391-52 Inspection & Testing Explained

This course has been re-introduced to align all industry qualifications for inspection and testing wiring systems to BS 7671. It replaces the C&G 2394/95 combined course package.

What Will I Learn On the C&G 2391-52

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Course snapshot An advanced inspection and testing course. Highly regarded in industry and essential if you want to provide periodic inspection and testing services including the new landlord inspections required by law from the 1st July 2020.
  • 2 Day eLearning (Which can be used after the course to refresh any test)
  • 3 Days training (In centre)
  • 1.5 Days of assessments.
Due to the entry requirements this course can only be booked with a course advisor who can check your eligibility

Why take this 2391 Course

A 2391 qualification is currently required in order to gain your JIB grading as an approved electrician. There are initial (2391-50) and periodic (2391-51) qualifications available but you can save time and money with our combined 2391-52 course. The course has been introduced to streamline and simplify the qualifications required to carry our advanced inspection and testing.

What are the entry requirements?

You must be over 18 and be up to date with industry requirements. This course is intended to be taught to experienced electrical installers who have previous training and experience of inspection and testing. Essentially you should be working in the electrical industry and involved with the inspection and testing process before taking this advanced course. It is also useful for you to have an understanding of 3 phase systems.

If you have limited experience, you may wish to consider taking the Level 2 Fundamental Inspection and Testing qualification 2392. This course is designed to be taught for those who already know the fundamentals of inspection and testing but need to progress their skills. It is essential you have a good up to date understanding of BS 7671: IET Wiring Regs and up to date 18th edition course is recommended.

What are the key changes in the 18th Edition?

Protection against overvoltages – Clause 443 is likely to be overhauled.

Protection against fire – Chapter 42 will be updated with extra information on arc fault detection

Electrical Embedded heating – Section 753 will be extended to include embedded electrical heating systems for surface heating, and will include de-icing and frost prevention systems.

Energy efficiency – There will be a brand new section covering energy efficiency

As stated above the course is not designed to cover every regulation in the book. It will teach you how to best reference your book in relation to situations you will face in your working life.

  •  Continuity of protective conductors
  • Continuity of ring final
  • Insulation resistance
  • Earth electrode
  • resistance
  • Polarity and phase sequencing
  • Earth fault loop impedance (Ze and Zs@DB)
  • Prospective fault current
  • Earth fault loop impedance (Zs)
  • RCD

Course Assessments

You will be assessed in the following ways

The online exam and written assignment will take place on the Monday after your main course. The practical assessments will usually take place in the second week. We can confirm the specific time for you over the phone if you wish or if you book online we will call you back to confirm the specific day.

  • 2 Hour online open book exam.
  • Short assignment completed whilst on the course (Roughly 1.2 Hours).
  • 2.5 Hour practical assessment usually completed on week 2.
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